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MLC Prep Academy & Learning Center offers one-on-one private tutoring to all students, all subjects, K-12 and college, with a personalized and individualized instruction to meet each student’s specific academic need. From foreign language to math, science and reading MLC has got you covered. We specialize in foreign language private tutoring, focusing on supporting students in international studies, foreign language immersion, and those who need additional support in foreign language studies. Branches of math include general math, algebra I & II geometry, calculus, statistics, and college algebra. Our private tutoring reading program includes phonetics, sight words, and reading. The comfortable setting of MLC's private tutoring allows students to focus on their course content without the distractions of the classroom. Rates start at $75 per hour, packages available.


The Learning Center’s after school program provides homework assistance and academic tutoring in an environment that promotes good study habits. This service is available to students in grades K-12, encouraging students to bring homework material or school assignments for assistance in specific subject areas. Our experienced staff of tutors and academic advisors assist small student groups with their homework, allowing students and their family quality time at home. The Learning Center offers flexible support packages to both public and private school students, hybrid school models, learning pod support, and online learning programs. All students have access to The Academy’s library, computers and language lab, helping to maximize study time. Packages start from $75-$135 per week.


Based on The Learning Center’s evaluation, your student will learn the tips and techniques they need to prepare them for exam day. Prepare for the following exams: FSA, IOWA, SAT/ACT, GED, PERT, and Writing Prep. Our test prep programs focus on developing master test-taking skills while building the individual problem-solving abilities required to earn high scores. MLC recognizes the importance that test results play in determining a student's academic future, and our staff at The Learning Center is fully committed to helping students achieve those goals. Our personalized prep program is geared towards each student's individual strengths and abilities, and our goal is for students to surpass expectations and develop skills that will serve them throughout college and beyond academia. Session dates and times vary. Packages are a total of 8 hours. Evaluations paid separately. Packages are $450 each.


MLC's reading readiness program supports students in preparing to read, as well as students who are under performing beyond the 3rd grade benchmark level. Children learning to read will develop pre-reading skills through various activities. Early reading skills help children achieve greater school success over time. Students who are under performing in reading will be placed in the intensive reading program that includes live and digital instruction to improve auditory processing, phonetic recognition, and lexile levels. Review our recommended reading list here. Licenses for students’ intensive reading track are obtained and monitored. $75 per hour.


The Learning Center works with community professionals, including Miami Counseling & Resource Center, in providing the following evaluations:

  • Academic Problems & School Placement

  • ADHD & ADD

  • Gifted Placements & Intelligence Testing

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Psychological & Diagnostic Evaluations

One-hour academic evaluations are conducted in order to determine the student's academic level. Packages will be determined upon obtaining results. Evaluations are $75.


The Learning Center provides academic project support to students. Our experienced staff assist students with their projects, unlocking a student’s full potential, and allowing students and their family quality time at home. Projects can include summer packets, reading novels, science projects, math packets, book reports, presentations, architecture, writing essay, engineering, and arts & crafts. Stay stress-free with MLC's three-day science project program. This three-day project program is designed to assist students with the complexities of developing their science project, from choosing a topic to display and presentation. Projects are priced according to instruction and requirements.

Private Tutoring
After School / Homework Assistance
Standardized Test Prep
Reading Readiness
Student Assessment
Academic Projects
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